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urban_trends's Journal

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Welcome to urban_trends, a brand-new commuity bringing you the latest trends in hip-hop style. This community was created for everyone that loves & flaunts the urban clothing. Anything can be posted here, as long as it is in some related to urban fashion. Spread your love with websites, pictures, or discuss your favorite urban clothing brand. This is an open forum. Enjoy yourselves!

xbabygurl - Sam - Creator/Maintainer
browneyed_baby - Stephanie - Maintainer/Moderator
roca_babe - Becky - Moderator

If for any reason you may have questions, comments or complaints, please do not be afraid to contact one of us! That is what we are here for, & we will be very glad to be of your assistance.

As was first stated in the welcome note, all topics must revolve around urban fashion. Any off-topic posts will be removed. Please take notice that this definitely, as well as other random entries, pertains to advertisments.

We strongly suggest that you keep your negativeness to yourself. No BS will be tolerated whatsoever. If you are to disrespect a moderator or member in any way, trust us when we say this, you will be banned. As maintainers & moderators, please keep in mind that we do rule over all others in the community. Unruly behavior will not be tolerated.

When posting more the one picture please use an lj-cut. This helps to avoid using up too much needed space, and also keeps the community looking neat & tidy. If you do not know what this is, please go here for further reference.

please save to your own server

have fun!